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It’s Jan 30th, the first of the New Year has long passed and I am late.
When I settle on a new journey one of the things that makes it real is assigning a departure date.  Without a date journeys are only dreams.  They are not real.  When I pick a date I write 0 on the calendar on that day.  Then I continue back 100 days writing 1, 2 and so forth until I reach the 100th day. I often perform this process well in advance. We set the date for the round the world trip almost a year ahead.  It is amazing later when I turn the page on the calendar and see 100 I know I had better get my life in gear, it is time to prepare for the leaving.  The leaving is real and almost upon me.
Wednesday during my marking I noted that I only have 77 days remaining.  I wonder if I will have to serve detention for being tardy.  I very much dislike being late.  If it is leaving the house for Spin classes or coming to your house for dinner, I want to be on time.  Now, I am on edge because I have not given sufficient time to this leaving.  Well, I will just have to find a new calendar, one with more days on it.  I am sure they have them at the office supply store.
“What trip is he talking about?  I hadn’t heard he was going anywhere.”
Annette is going to the Balkans with the Siskiyou Singers in June. She will fly into Helsinki June 18th returning from Vilnius on the 28.  Ten days of singing her way through Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  Nice thought.

So, how is this relevant to Bill’s trip?
A couple of years ago an English friend thought about cycling from Nordkap, Norway just inside the Arctic circle, the end of the northernmost public road in Europe to Cape Town, South Africa the end of the southernmost road in Africa.  A ride named Cape to Cape by those crazy enough to try it.  He wrote me asking if I would like to join him on the ride.  We talked about it, opened a Facebook page, and started planning the year to year and a half cycle adventure.  Then he fell ill and was told not to attempt the trip until he recovered.  He still has not recovered.
When Annette started talking about her singing tour I looked at the map and noticed that there is a EuroVelo Route 11, which runs from Athens, Greece to Nordkap, Norway, the European portion of the Cape to Cape.  Following the route would take one through the cities that Annette was going to visit.  Well, why not?  After all it is only 6000 kilo about the same distance as a bicycle ride across the U.S., so not really a big deal.  I also might get to see Annette.  A good thing, right?

Map source EuroVelo

Back to being late.  So, on the 78th day I met with Chet a web site friend and finished getting my website ready for my journal of the journey and wrote this beginning article.
“Wait, how did you begin writing this before knowing you were late?”
I told you I was going to get a calendar with more days on it, didn’t I?

— Bill