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December 20, 2019

Ashland, Oregon Ashland, Oregon Ashland, Oregon

Bill Heimann's Bicycle Workshop at his home in Ashland, Oregon
Bill Heimann’s Bicycle Workshop at his home in Ashland, Oregon

This journey does not want to start. It keeps distracting me with other things. First, there is the city’s form of government that I want to see changed. I have been working on a change to our city charter for about a year now and the work is just ending the first major phase, taking a lot of my time.

Then my daughter came from Atlanta for a visit. Doesn’t she know better than to interrupt her father at this time? Children, just no thought for their parents. Well, I did, as always have a wonderful time with her. We get along very well and enjoy each other as adults. It was a good time, but will I ever prepare for this leaving?

I believe that as we reach true adulthood we can make a choice. We can decide if relatives are going to be friends. It is not written in stone that we must spend time with a sister, aunt or any other relative just because of a one night stand by another relative.

The house, oh for Pete’s sake the house; nothing like living in a 110 year old house. It is just like living with an old man. Always complaining about something and demanding you fix it. So, I must go around looking and listening, trying to figure out what this place is asking me to do. That hinge, drip, leaking door seal and on and on, stopping me from the real task of preparing to ride Columbia.

Oh, I guess I have not said where I am going. Yes, Columbia. I am flying to Medellin on December 27th and as per normal don’t have much of a clue where after that. It is interesting that friends keep giving me information they think I will use to plan my stay. I do thank them and may find the information useful but as to planning….

Yesterday I finally began to prepare. I had put the panniers on the bike last week but then had to stop to help John referb his bike. I like working with John on his bike or anything. We find joy in sharing time.

See, even talking about starting gets interrupted.

I have a travel list that I have been using with small modifications for many years.  Using the list I find each item and check it off as “have.”  Then as I pack it I check “packed.”  As I went through the list I could not find my stove.  Last summer returning from Brussels the airline lost a pannier.  Not the one in which I keep, oh well talking too much. 



H             P                                                                              H             P

____        ____ DRESS PANTS                            ____        ____ SANDALS

____        ____ BELT                                             ____        ____ HELMET

____        ____ 2 RIDING SHIRTS                       ____       ____ LONG SLEEVE SHIRT

____        ____ DRESS SHORTS                          ____        ____2 MIRRORS

____        ____ RIDING GLOVES                        ____        ____ DRESS SOCKS     

♦ ♦ ♦

Anyway I thought the stove was gone.  I went to the store to look for another as it was too late to order one from my pro deal with MSR. 

Ran into someone who has been working with me on the charter change; see again, interruptions!

Returned home without a new stove, but looking again I found it, right where it should have been!  Sometimes distractions can bring fortune. 

Got most of the items on my workbench, some packed.  Maybe, just maybe I will finish on time.  Wait, isn’t there some big event next week?  Most likely have to take a few minutes to celebrate my first Christmas home in several years.  Just have to be patient with yet another interruption!

–Bill H.

♦ ♦ ♦
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