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Another Spanish School…

December 30, 2020


Another Spanish school but this one is very different.  The students are mostly in their 20’s and 30’s, European and travel extensively.  They also like to party.

Another Spanish School in Medellin
Another Kind of Spanish School…in Medellin

Met a very interesting family.  I overheard a young man trying to explain the race to a younger girl.  He really had no idea what was going on, so I asked if I could help.  We talked and I shared what I knew.  I asked where they were from.  Tanzanian they answered.  He was studying architecture and she was in high was in high school.  What university, I inquired.  Well, he said it was in China.  They looked up and waved at a man and woman across the street and said that was their mother and father.  Soon we were joined by them and the conversation continued.  I learned so much from this wonderful family.  Their hopes and dreams and about their lives.  

Last night I was having dinner in a sidewalk restaurant when a student came up and asked if I wanted to join the rest of the group on the patio at the school.    I had the waitress put my meal in a box and headed the one block to the school.   There sat about 10 students drinking rum or wine.  Quite lively with singing, a little chair dancing, animated conversation and texting.   Yes, they text during everything.   There’s an app that I discovered is used almost everywhere in the world except the US, What’s App.   The school has an address and I am constantly being updated on what the others are doing.   Not sure I am that interested but does show me a new way of being.   
Last night a large guy from Balitome was teaching a English man how move his hips without moving other parts of his body.  It was fun watching.   A girl was holding Oscar’s hips trying to help or maybe something else as she had her head very close in.   The non music continued along with the frolicking as I bid ado and walked by to my apartment in the rain.   
Spanish is very hard for me.   I have studied it in at least four  countries and continue to study at home but have not mastered it.  In fact not even close.   From the classes I take I know that my vocabulary is more than sufficient and often my grammar,  at least in the present tense is acceptable,  but hearing Spanish eludes me.   Not sure if I will take another week here or move on to see the country.  Will decide on Saturday.   
Looking at the route from here to Tonya where I have a contact from Ashland who has been emailing me with helpful information, David.  Then another friend from Ashland lives in Bogota and has invited me to visit him.   Steve says is leaving for Ashland at the end of Jan so time is short as it will take at least I  weeks to pedal to Bogota.   If possible,  I will not pass up an opportunity to stay with a local or at least, semi local.
It has rained every afternoon.   Something I must keep in mind when I begin my journey.   It only rains for an hour or so.   That means I will be forced to take break from the mountains for a time each day.   Darn I hoping to beat myself up with a non stop 8 hour climb every day.   Please feel sorry for me.   

—Bill H.

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