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Bicycle Change & Motherhood

January 31, 2020

San Gil*continued,

( *pronounced “Hill”)

Just another day in the travel life. 
“The travel life? What the heck does that mean?”  
Ok, in the life of a traveler.  Is that better?  Picky, picky, picky.
Can I get on with this story, now?
Last night I met with Hale, the Turkish cyclist and her boyfriend for a drink and a talk.  Their life is going though a big change.  First, they are getting married.  Then she is leaving for Cuba to undertake a month cycle trip and he for Turkey to start a hang gliding business.  He is an internationally licensed pilot and they see an opportunity for both her touring business and his jumping of cliffs business in Turkey.

Bicycle Change & Motherhood
Bicycle Change & Motherhood
They were discussing the problems of young couples today.  Her mother wants, guess what?  They want to begin a life of working toward their goals.  Today?  Was my question.  Life in that way has not changed very much.  Mothers want to be grandmothers and children want to live their lives in their way.  
They did invite me to join them on a 5 day tour of the eastern mountain chain to help their bike touring business friends scout out a new addition to their offerings.  It just did not interest me.  They will ride the down hills and truck the bikes up the hills.  Also there will be a lot retraceing and mapping.  The logistics seem just too much for me right now.  It is nice to receive such an offer, however.
I wanted to make a change to my bicycle set up that required the manufacture of some parts.  One of the nice things about a country that is trying to help everyone with any problem they have, is just that.  Whatever you need, if you can describe it the people will do everything possible to make it happen.  When you are traveling in such countries remember that things are differentin many good ways.  If you have a problem that at home would take a lot of time and money, share it with a local.  You most likely will be surprised at the answer. 
The hotel owner’s son took me out to find a place to solve the problem.  We went first to a window manufacturer.  Jorge thought that since they use a lot of aluminum they would have the stock to make the parts I needed.  No.  
On the way to another such place we saw a motorcycle dealer and repair shop.  I drew out the part and asked did they have such a part.  No, but they could make it for me.  Ok, I need 4.  Sure, no problem. Did I want them painted and what color?!  Black would be good.  Should I come back tomorrow.  No, we can get it done in about a half hour.  Wow, how much will it cost?  We need to buy some nuts and bolts, so with the labor, our parts, all together about $1.75.  
I got a chair and sat down to wait, Jorge returned off to his work.  The mechanic asked me to help a little and we talked about the motorcycle business and just chatted while he and I worked.  A couple of changes to the idea, a trip to the hardware store and shortly the change was made.  I offered another $2.00 but he said no, even giving me the change.
Just another day in the travel life.  

—Bill H.

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